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Home Offices are in almost every home, it’s no longer uncommon,  but the standard.  People need to work from home and yet have space for their daily household activities, such as:  paying bills, replying to mail, reviewing work activities, having a computer and keeping files.

Do you find that your office is stacked with piles of paperwork, magazines, letters, receipts, restaurant menus, recipes and junk mail?  Do you keep toys, boxes from items purchased, décor items, photos and office supplies in different areas of your office?  Well, this is really common; however, the majority of clutter will be paper.  Let me help you create an efficient office where you feel productive, creative and relaxed.

  • Are your surfaces being abused?  We provide a solution for clearing the clutter.
  • We help your office get its identity back by planning well defined areas both in the physical layout and in your work habits and goals.
  • Resolve the paper pile issues by first sorting, then I provide you with information on what you should keep, shred, or toss.
  • Create a flawless file system that works for you.  Remember 80% of what you file, is never referred to again.
  • We assign a home for everything, to make finding and retrieving things easier and faster.
  • Last but not least, we will provide you with a routine to help you maintain your new custom-designed home office.

“Mission: Organizing” has the tools you need to make your home and work area a place of harmony and efficiency.  Call or email me at (813) 514-5696 or to see how I can help you!

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