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Five Simple Ways To Clean Your Naples Home Faster

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If your family is like most families in Naples, I’m sure you’ll agree that quite a bit of the time you’ve allocated for cleaning is actually spent straightening up. Just to clarify, cleaning is the act of removing the dirt and dust, and straightening up is putting things back in their proper place (having a place for everything is having it organized. An example of the difference would be, vacuuming the living room floor (cleaning), versus removing all of the children’s toys from the floor (straightening up) so that it can be vacuumed.

But did you know that by changing five simple habits you can almost eliminate the time spent straightening up from your cleaning time? Here’s how:

1) Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place

Assign a place for the things that are carried in when arriving at home. Use these areas to include keys, purses, jackets, mail, school and work bags, shoes, and such. Go as far as labeling an area or section for each member in the home (like modular cubby storage as they walk in) . Having a chosen place that is labeled, and getting into the habit of putting everything in its dedicated spot will speed up the process of putting away items when it comes time to clean the home.

Bonus: No time will be wasted looking for keys, school bags, and shoes when it’s time to go.

2) Enlist the help of all family members

Since all family members contribute to disorder in the home, it is only logical that all members should have a share in returning the home to an organized state. If a child is capable of taking a toy or book out to play with, the child is capable of putting it back. Make a game of it; see who can do it the fastest. Use a timer or a clock like the Time Timer where they can actually see the time passing. Then both you and they will know how much time is required to pick up and put things back to their proper homes.

Tip: For young children, this can be used as a teaching opportunity. Count the number of items as they are put back into their assigned homes.

3. Spend 5 minutes each day returning the house to order

When a home is organized, and when everyone pitches in, just five minutes a day is usually all it takes to get the home back to a presentable condition. Not to mention cleaning becomes easier and a thorough job can be accomplished. Before going to bed, take 5 minutes to straighten up the home. The next day, you’ll wake up to a neat and orderly home and this will give you a great start to your day.

Tip: Play a favorite song and the 5 minutes will fly by.

4. Remove dry dishes from the dishwasher as soon as possible

It actually creates double work if dirty dishes are placed in the sink, and then moved to the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is empty, dirty dishes can be placed directly in the dishwasher. Soap can be added at any time, reducing the task of doing the dishes to just the second it takes to press the start button.

5. Keep toiletries on a tray or in a container that can be easily moved

Many people find that it takes twice as long to remove all the items from the sink counter as it does to clean it. Save time by placing these items on a tray or in a container that can be moved in a matter of seconds. Some families in Naples even store these containers under the sink, creating a completely uncluttered counter that can be wiped off in seconds.

One of the pre-requisites for having an uncluttered home that is easy to clean, is having an organized home. The task of defining a space for every item, especially when space is limited, an creating it to the way the family functions, can be a challenge and feel overwhelming. But together, you can do it!

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