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Here’s what others have to say about Nancy…

I hired Nancy and her team to settle two households, my husband and I and my elderly in-laws, when we moved to Ft. Myers May/June 2015.

Nancy and her team were on-time, efficient, highly organized and worked long days to get us both settled in just a matter of days!

Our closets with beautifully folded towels, clothes hung neatly in color-coded display, drawers labeled with everything neatly arranged in the order we’re used to, shoes perfectly aligned, all bathroom items sorted, labeled and in containers neatly in the cupboards and drawers… our pantry is labeled (baking station, coffee station, breakfast station… even a station for our small dog items!), and the kitchen cabinets are perfectly arranged for optimum work flow. This continued throughout the house and garage!

I HIGHLY recommend Nancy Rivera and Mission Organizing! They made our move of two households a smooth and much less stressful time!

— Jan
Miromar, FL

After my husband passed away, I felt like my world was shaken up like a snow globe. Bits of my life fell to the ground all around me. Now what? What do I do with his belongings? His desk and bathroom were just how he left them. It was too hard for me to look at, let alone move his things. I was stuck. I called Nancy for help. Together, she helped me work through it. We slowly took baby steps. Nancy was in tuned with my emotions and knew when I needed a break. I could not have done it without you Nancy. Thank you so much!

— Patti
Naples, FL

I Highly Recommend Mission: Organizing it was an excellent experience establishing an organizing system. After living with the organized results for a few weeks, I am more positive than ever about the impact Nancy’s expertise and professionalism has had on my daily life.  I can definitely say that Nancy is a jewel and she is easy to work with and deeply knowledgeable, I definitely highly recommend her services!

— Robert
Lehigh Acres, FL

Nancy Rivera is nothing short of a miracle worker.   For starters, she made me feel extremely comfortable in the midst of my clutter.    Her non-judgmental attitude put me immediately at ease…. But, in addition to her exceptional expertise in the area of organizing one’s life, she approaches her job with a real “team work” approach.    By closely observing my actions, listening carefully to everything I say, and asking questions, she works together WITH me to develop plans that are highly individualized.  Just for ME!   Hers is definitely not a “one size fits all” approach.   She “tailors” her services to your individual needs and works to “empower” you to be able to become independent with the systems she helps you to set up, BECAUSE, she sets them up “with” you, rather than “for” you. …..And, besides all of the above, she is warm, friendly and just plain all around easy to be with and work with!  A real pleasure to have in your home!  I honestly can’t “rave” about her enough!     (See Angie’s list for complete testimonial)

— Sue
Rotonda West, FL

She helped us get organized after an interstate move. Nancy did a great job. Her work with us saved us a great deal of time and helped keep us on task as we settled into our new home. At the start she interviewed us, surveyed our situation and worked with us to set goals that would give us the most dramatic result in just two days. Our challenge was that we downsized from a 3-bedroom home with an entire basement available for storage to a cozy 2-bedroom home.  For starters, she helped us fit a fully functional and attractive office space in our family room whereas I had originally thought we would need to split up our office-related functions between two to three different rooms.  In addition, we quickly set up the kitchen and living rooms to functional status. Her expertise helped us consolidate and make efficient use of the space we have. She solicited input from both my husband and me since we share the space and both of our habits and preferences need to be taken into account. I am so pleased with the outcome of our time with Nancy!

— Christina
St. Petersburg, FL

Organization of our new home in Naples. We started with kitchen and bedrooms. Nancy will organize anything you want, home office etc. We downsized from Massachusetts. We liked our new home but were starting to feel we made a mistake buying it. Even though we had unloaded a ton of stuff in Massachusetts we just didn’t feel we had enough storage room in our new home. My wife was really getting upset. This wasn’t turning into the happy move I wanted. We felt that if maybe we had help with organizing, things might be better. I found Nancy on Angie’s list and decided to take a chance on one session. For us this was a very good decision. Nancy is not cheap and there have been multiple sessions, but Nancy is worth her money. She is very dependable, hardworking, and knows what she is doing.  Basically she will spend hours with you organizing and arranging. Bottom line, we no longer worry about our storage space, we realize we have plenty. We have a nice house that will work fine for us. My wife is much happier, and I’m less stressed. We are going to tackle some projects in the future and we will have Nancy back.

— Joel
Naples, FL

We initially hired Nancy to help us maximize space/organize storage areas of our home, but after realizing how great she is, we hired her to help us in our business as well.  Both projects are ongoing. There aren’t enough positive things I can say about Nancy and the gift she has when it comes to organizing.  She isn’t only interested in getting the area organized; she is also emphatic about creating systems that work for each client.  This way there is a chance of staying organized and not just cleaning an area so it can slowly become messy again.  Nancy comes up with so many great ideas to maximize space and strives to make the area as functional as possible.  I have had Nancy in my home as well as my business, and although we aren’t finished yet, the amount of progress we’ve seen in just a few visits is remarkable.  Nancy also makes organizing fun, even though it can be a physically and mentally demanding task.  I highly recommend Nancy for anyone who wants to get organized!

— Dana
Clearwater, FL

Nancy has been to my house to help me 4 times now. She is very positive and energetic. She keeps a written plan of your organizing if it takes several stages to accomplish. Her record keeping is excellent. You can always check back to see what you did at each visit, and what your remaining goals are. She helped me with home office, small business, and closet organizing. I highly recommend her. There aren’t enough positive things I can say about Nancy and the gift she has when it comes to organizing.  She isn’t only interested in getting the area organized; she is also emphatic about creating systems that work for each client.  This way there is a chance of staying organized and not just cleaning an area so it can slowly become messy again.

Nancy comes up with so many great ideas to maximize space and strives to make the area as functional as possible.  I have had Nancy in my home as well as my business, and although we aren’t finished yet, the amount of progress we’ve seen in just a few visits is remarkable.  Nancy also makes organizing fun, even though it can be a physically and mentally demanding task.  I highly recommend Nancy for anyone who wants to get organized!

— Judith
Lake Placid, FL

I have recently moved into a new home, and I wanted the help of a professional organizer to help me make the best decisions from the beginning.  After checking Angie’s List and the web site for the National Association for Professional Organizers, and the searching the web for services, I felt confident that Nancy Rivera was the person I wanted to work with.  I contacted her, and she was as professional as I had hoped……I’m so glad that I was working with someone who is professional in every way but also has such a delightful sense of humor.  I’ll never think of an umbrella policy in the same way again. Our lives are fast-paced and full, and having the confidence that all is in order helps bring peace of mind.

One caution – a little bit of organization is addictive.  You’ll want to move on to another project.  Nancy will teach you how to think like an organizer and she will give you suggestions for things that you can do so that the projects move to completion faster. I would hire her again!

— Judy
Tampa, FL

Nancy was wonderful at making me feel ok and not ashamed or embarrassed about my unorganized and messy house. She never said anything derogatory about anything and just got straight to business, first asking for my input, which was great. She was genuinely concerned with how I use the space and how to get better use out of it. She had really great ideas and suggestions on how to better organize the space, how to sort and purge, and how to create a homey, peaceful atmosphere. I never felt like I had time to get organized but Nancy showed me how quickly it can be done and how great it feels! If I can get most of the space sorted and purged, I will hire her again to help organize what’s left.

— Laura
Fort Myers, FL

OUTSTANDING service. Nancy is wonderful to work with and she has an amazing energy level too. I hired Nancy to help me with my garage and ended up having her help with my whole house. My rooms are now calmer and the time I wasted looking for an item is a thing of the past. I enjoy my time with Nancy and highly recommend her top notch skills.

— Patricia
Naples, FL

This is my first experience with a professional organizer.  It is a pleasure to work with Nancy.  She is supportive of individuals like me who are embarrassed to be swamped with accumulated “things.”  She provides positive motivation, as well as excellent techniques for organization.  She arrived for our appointment right on time, and, after we set the priorities, she pitched in and helped with sorting and disposal of the clutter. We started with the bedroom, then moved to the family room, and finally, the office.  The order was deliberate; i.e., from easy to difficult.  We laughed a lot as we worked.  Nancy’s methods are simple and logical, and they work!  She teaches you to be in control of your things, rather than vice-versa.  I would certainly call her again in the future, as necessary.  This little lady is worth her weight in gold!

— Ann
Sanibel, FL

Organizing my “computer” room and some other areas of my home. To clean up piles, throw a lot of stuff out, donate things, and generally get me to do what I just had to do. Nancy was able to communicate to me how to straighten out my rooms and how to become more organized and use that information going through the rest of my house. She was very respectful of my belongings and my own ideas of what I wanted to do….Nancy were very thorough and had a good teaching manner. She was very professional and knowledgeable, so I hired her for more work which we just ended this week.

— Joan
Fort Myers, FL

Nancy arrived punctually and she traveled quite a distance, she walked through my home with me and we determined where to start. We focused on one area and worked together diligently. At the end of our session we reviewed the process of organization.

— Maria
Tampa, FL

Hiring a professional organizer is the best thing I did! I needed to put my house on the market within a short time while continuing to run a business from home. Nancy came and conducted a home assessment and right away she understood my objectives. She immediately started working on my home office and closet. She gave me many tips in organizing files and closets
and since she has done home staging she gave me a plan I can implement prior to putting the house on the market. This time saver allows me to do more with my family—thank you Nancy for your expertise and professionalism!

DO hire her? She was GREAT! Outstanding professionalism and very understanding of your specific situation. Able to determine the best solution for your specific situation.

— Nathan
Land O’ Lakes, FL

Nancy, which is the owner, called me upon my inquiry, asked me many questions, i.e., room(s) were I wanting to organize, etc. Then, she gave me information on her company, was very informative, upfront w/pricing, etc.  She then set up an appointment to meet me, per my request, to assess my office room which was what I wanted to work on, then, she got me
started w/the organization.  She emailed me a list of things I needed to have prior to coming out so I had time to make sure what I did not have I could go out and purchase what I needed. 

She was extremely punctual, professional, pleasant, patient w/me ( I had a lot of questions during our 2  half day  sessions) and had compassion  for a few of my personal issues causing me havoc and delays in my organizing in the past, and, had many great tips for all of them even including a few spiritual ones. (Which were right on target)  She was awesome, I can’t say
enough good things about my experience with her,  I just wish my financial budget could afford to have her back until I could finish,  it was a medium to semi-large job, but,  she gave me a great start and I’m on my way!

— Ray
Tampa, FL

We organized all my closets and drawers. Nancy is very professional and insightful. She customizes her suggestions to make all areas work more efficiently. Nancy cares about her clients and making their lives (home and/or work) easier. Yes, I would hire her again!

“A resort feel” at home. Nancy makes us feel this way and we are forever grateful. We were a bit anxious about the project of organizing our home but Nancy has proved to be an investment. Our feelings of anxiety were replaced with satisfaction. The joy we feel when a room is completed is absolutely wonderful. Thank you Nancy for all your hard work. We can’t wait to complete our home with your help.

— Altamar
Henry County, FL

My sister’s garage was so cluttered that you could hardly open the house door that led into the garage to put anything else in there!  When we decided to call Nancy and use her services we could not wait to see her expression when we opened the main garage door to introduce the project too her.  She immediately started explaining to us her system and she was so motivating and full of energy as she presented it to us that we wanted to start right away.  

We picked up some items she suggested that we needed for the sorting process and started the project the next day.  Nancy was there right on time bright and early.  Working right by our side she patiently kept us positive and focused as we moved right along.   I loved her sorting process as this made things go smoother and things moved faster.  When it was all said and done we were amazed to say the least!!  So organized, so clean, tidy, roomy and my sister now has a clutter free garage!!   We took before and after pictures so that others could see what a transformation Nancy made possible! 

What a gift she has to be able to help people see her vision come true and best of all she does this in a loving nurturing way.  It was a pleasure to have her there with us.   We  definitely will call her back for future projects as well as recommend her to anyone we know that needs her expertise on getting organized.   Thanks Nancy for a  job well done!

— Magdi
Deltona, FL

Nancy did an incredible thing in my little home office – put clarity on my desk and added items I use regularly at my fingertips. I was one of those folks she referenced in her statistical quote of how many hours a normal business person spends looking for things…too many hours in my estimation!

I now have a home for (almost) everything…it is a WORK in progress but she makes it FUN and she is entirely compassionate about the process!”

— Elisabeth
Wesley Chapel, FL

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