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Here are some questions people have asked over the years of being  a Professional Organizer:

– 1. What is a Professional Organizer?
A Professional Organizer provides information, products, assistance, and systems to help people get organized in their homes and offices. Our goal is to guide, encourage, and educate clients about basic principles of organizing by offering support, focus, and direction.
Professional Organizers have the experience, tools, and resources to help you get organized and stay that way.

2. What can a Professional Organizer do for me?
A Professional Organizer can provide ideas, structure, and solutions that increase your productivity, reduce your stress, and provide you with peace of mind. We help people who are looking to gain control over their time, space, and lives.

– 3. Does the Organizer do the work for me or do they tell me how to do?
They do both.  The role of an organizer is to be a consultant. We help you solve your organizing challenges by identifying their causes, implementing solutions that you can maintain.  We also help you learn to make decisions which will simplify your life. It’s a personal decision based on your needs and budget.

But it’s up to you, you may want hands-on help with the process, sorting, categorizing, and setting up systems. Or you may be self-motivated but need an expert to create a game plan that you can implement on your own. Our goal is to teach you to organize your life and make better choices, not to make you dependent on us.

– 4.  Will the Organizer force me to throw away my things?
No. Throwing things away is indeed part of the organizing process, however, our goal is to teach the client how to determine which items have present and future value and which do not, and how to separate emotion from physical objects. The decision is yours to keep or throw away.

– 5. I am a very private person. Will my sessions with an Organizer be confidential?
We are aware of the high level of trust placed in us by our clients.  As a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), we abide by the code of ethics to ensure confidentiality.  We would not do anything to breach that trust. Integrity, honesty, and confidentiality are our guiding principles.

– 6.  I am interested in knowing about the cost, is it expensive?
Let me ask you this, does being disorganized cost you? ‘Expensive’ doesn’t just mean that something costs a lot of money… It can also mean that it costs time, energy, happiness, fulfillment, self-image and productivity. How expensive is your disorder? Think of the times you brought something knowing you already purchased it, but could not find it?  How many times you paid late fees because you could not find  your bills, How many times have you been embarrassed by being late, missing a meeting, or double-booking yourself? How can you put a price on effective living? Our services are designed to add value to your life. Think of them as an investment in your happiness.

As for actual rates, several factors apply, it’s best for us to have a phone conversation about your needs and a walk through to see the scope of your project. Then we can have a better idea and give an estimate of what you’ll be investing in both time and money. The phone conversation is free30 minute phone assessment.  A project can start as small as $395.00 for a walk through, a plan for the selected space, and 2 hours of hands on.

– 7. How long will it take to get me organized?
Results will depend on many factors, including the scope and specifics of the project and how quickly you can adapt to the necessary steps of the process. Your Organizer may be able to give you a more specific time estimate once you start working together.

– 8. What if I would like to do the work myself?
Consultations are available to give you a personalized written layout of exactly what to do to get your things in order on your own.   We will do a walk through and provide you with a plan that you can execute when you are ready.

– 9.  What methods of payment do you accept?
You are welcome to pay for the services with check or credit card through Pay Pal.  Payments are expected at the end of each session.

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