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January 2015-Go Month!

GO–Get Organized Month was a success! Let 2015 be the year of simplification.  Life in general can be overwhelming with everything coming at us.  Let’s make this new year one of simplifying by taking immediate action and start the new year different. Stay tune for a new […]

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Eco Friendly Organizing Tips

REDUCE The average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year.  If you have difficulty keeping up with the influx of mail into your home or office, then the first step is to reduce the junk.  While there is not currently a national do not mail […]

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January Is National GET ORGANIZED Month

Ready? Set… GO Month! January is Get Organized Month… take us up on our offer!

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Tips on Scheduling Time For Goals

We live in a society that promotes the buying of many things.  It encourages the occupying of every minute of the day.  With today’s technology, people have access to you 24/7.  The age of faster is better, right—not! We go to fast food places to be served […]

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Mission: Control Paper Clutter In 15 Minutes

The Mission:  Fifteen Minute Paper Mail De-cluttering Tip Are you are fed-up with the influx of paper?  Are you are tired of getting junk mail and not knowing what to do with it.  Here are a few suggestions that will make your life easier.  Let’s do something […]

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Mission: To Find Out If I Need a Professional Organizer

How do I know if I need a Professional Organizer (PO)? When someone hires a PO usually it’s because something in their lives is not working the way they want it to.  They realize that their disorder/clutter is affecting one or more aspects of their lives.  They […]

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Mission: Organize Pantry

The Mission:  To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry in Four Simple Steps Sometimes we find ourselves in an all or nothing mode.   Or we may feel, I would like to have my pantry organized, but do I have to go as far as alphabetizing everything?  That’s too time […]

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Time Management Process

Mission: To Manage And Find More Time

We live in a society where we juggle many projects all at the same time. For example, the majority of individuals today, works full-time, takes care of a family, and takes care of running a home. How can all this be done, and done efficiently?
Managing your time properly is a process. So let’s just work on one area for now. In order to make better use of our time, we must understand…

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