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Moving to Naples? Perfect Time to Get Organized

According to Naples Florida Weekly, around 200,000 people will move in and around the Naples, Florida area over the next seven years. Will your family be one of them? Without a doubt, moving can present one of the most organizational challenges of a lifetime. Most of us can […]

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Do Naples’ Residents Have Too Many Clothes? Take the 3 Question Quiz to Find Out!

Everyone has unique needs and often our clothing represents this. For example, someone, such as a Naples realtor, who wears a business suit to work everyday will have different wardrobe needs than say a receptionist in a Naples office that has a business casual dress code. The […]

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Naples’ Moms Ask: How Do I Organize All These Toys?

Most moms admit that their children have way more toys than they ever had. From books, to Legos, to dress up costumes, to stuffed animals, it’s hard to know where to begin when trying to organize kids’ toys. Since children are small and need to be able […]

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Eco Friendly Organizing Tips

REDUCE The average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year.  If you have difficulty keeping up with the influx of mail into your home or office, then the first step is to reduce the junk.  While there is not currently a national do not mail […]

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Tax Tips – What to Toss – Part 1

TAX RETENTION INFORMATION What to TOSS IMMEDIATELY: Credit card solicitations, marketing materials included in bank and credit card statements. Preferable shred as an identify theft precautionary step. All other advertising and unsolicited mail that you have no intention of acting upon. What to TOSS after ONE MONTH: […]

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Simple Organizing Tips

Closet Tips Once you have organized your closet; how do you prevent clothes from accumulating again?  Here’s a thought, how about placing an empty container (could be a hamper or bag) and keep it in your closet.  Label it, “Donate or Give Away.” Every-time you put on […]

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